It’s in! Gran Turismo 5 Mini Cooper confirmed!

Coming soon to a PS3 near you!

It's been a big news day today for all Gran Turismo fans. Not only has Sony confirmed the long-awaited, oft-delayed PS3 racer will finally see release on the 24th of November, but they've also seen fit to release the full 1,031 list of cars that have made it into the game. And, while that list features far too many similar Nissans and Mitsubishis for my liking, there's a thin smattering of British tin, such as the '97 MGF, a 2003 MGTF, a '74 Triumph Spitfire, and most excitingly, car number 554: Mini Cooper 1.3i '98. Top stuff. Too much to hope for a mkI Morris Cooper 'S' in a DLC car pack?
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